Date - 20th March 2024
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Join Our Dynamic Research Team: Seeking 2 Postdocs for Cutting-Edge Discovery.

Step into the vibrant research environment of the Exercise Cardiometabolic Health and Reproduction (EXCAR) group at NTNU where creativity thrives. Our lab offers 2 fully funded postdoc positions for 3 years, both of which will work with omics data from analyses of exercised human milk in the ExMilk ERC Starting Grant project.

Duties of the position
  • Postdoc 1: The main responsibility will be data analyses of global metabolomics and lipidomics data from breastmilk samples.
  • Postdoc 2: The main responsibility will be bioinformatic analyses of metagenome sequencing data from faecal samples, microRNA data from breastmilk samples and from dried blood spots, and integration of data from multi-omics platforms.

Both positions will also involve the following tasks:
  • Develop strategies for analysing and integrating data from multi-omics platforms based on state-of-the-art analytical methodologies.
  • Relate multi-omics signatures with clinically relevant parameters.
  • Ensure that omics data are available and reusable.
  • Interpret, present, and publish results.
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