Date - 27th April 2024

ExCaR resarcher Md Abu Jafar Sujan won the Young Investigator Award

The Exercise, Cardiometabolic Health and Reproduction (ExCaR) Research Group at NTNU is proud to announce that our PhD student, Md Abu Jafar Sujan, has received the Young Investigator Award at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Preventive Cardiology 2024 Congress in Athens, Greece.

Jafar's award-winning presentation focused on preliminary findings from the "BEFORE THE BEGINNING" study, which examines the impact of preconception lifestyle interventions on cardiometabolic outcomes in women at risk for gestational diabetes. This vital research underscores the importance of preventive measures before pregnancy to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, highlighting the innovative work being conducted at ExCaR.

Winning the Young Investigator Award is a testament to the high quality and relevance of the research conducted by Jafar and the ExCaR team. It serves as a motivational beacon for young researchers dedicated to making a difference in preventive cardiology and reproductive health. This prestigious award brings with it a wealth of opportunities:

• Networking Opportunities: The ESC Congress allows Jafar to connect with leading experts, exchange ideas, and form valuable professional relationships

• Future Collaborations: The award also paves the way for collaborations with top institutions and researchers globally, enhancing the scope and impact of ExCaR's research.

• Increased Visibility: This achievement draws international attention to Jafar’s work and ExCaR’s mission, potentially attracting funding and new partnerships.

Jafar is currently analyzing the main results from the trial, with plans to publish soon. To explore his preliminary findings, you can read the abstract here .

Congratulations to Md Abu Jafar Sujan for his remarkable achievement. Stay tuned for more updates from the ExCaR Research Group as we continue to advance the field of cardiometabolic health.