Date - 20th June 2024

Maëliss Lemoine presented our research at the Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society in Osaka

The Exercise, Cardiometabolic Health and Reproduction (ExCaR) Research Group at NTNU is excited to share that our PhD student, Maëliss Lemoine, recently presented her research at the Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society, Metabolomics 2024, held in Osaka, Japan.

Her use of the novel DREAMTIME method to assess the concentrations of human milk oligosaccharides in breast milk interested many participants involved in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy research. In her research, Maëliss is investigating the acute effects of exercise on different components in breastmilk.

The trip was also an excellent opportunity to build new relationships with collaborators from Dr. Giskeødegård’s group at NTNU and international researchers. Maëliss came back extremely motivated to learn coding in R and further advance her abilities in metabolomics.

We are incredibly proud of Maëliss. Her work exemplifies ExCaR's dedication to advancing knowledge on how exercise may impact breast milk composition.

Stay tuned for more updates from the ExCaR Research Group as we continue to push the boundaries of health and exercise science.