FitMilk - Associations between aerobic fitness and breast milk composition

There is evidence for associations between several maternal factors and breast milk composition, but little knowledge about how physical fitness can impact breast milk. The aim of this study is to investigate the association between aerobic fitness and breast milk composition.

We recruit participants who are 10-12 weeks postpartum, and it is great if potential participants contact us even earlier. All participants need to come to our laboratories at St. Olavs Hospital two times:

  • On the first visit, you will get equipped with what you need to collect breast milk and some questionnaires (about physical activity and some background variables). You can take the questionnaires home to complete and give them to us when you come back on the next visit.
  • On the second visit, we will measure your aerobic fitness (maximum oxygen uptake) during an exercise test on a treadmill. We will also estimate your body composition and measure your blood pressure.

Criteria for participation:

  • Aged 18 years or more
  • Exclusively breastfeeding a singleton term infant (born after gestational week 36 + 6)
  • Living in the Trondheim area (with the possibility to come in for the visits at St. Olavs Hospital)
  • Able to walk/run to exhaustion on a treadmill (ca 15 min)
  • Understands Norwegian (written and orally)

The project is undertaken at theFaculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, NTNU and is approved by The Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research (REK-midt).

Wish to participate?

Please contact Emily Ashby to participate or for more information.

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This project is funded by:

European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Helse Midt-Norge (Samarbeidsorganet)