Before The Beginning

Randomised controlled trial of preconception lifestyle intervention on maternal and offspring health in people with increased risk of gestational diabetes

before the beginning

The aim of this study is to investigate whether the combination of endurance tranining and time restricted eating before and during pregnancy can reduce the risk of high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Time restricted eating implies that you reduce your daily time-window of energy intake to a maximum of 10 hours per day.

Participants were randomly allocated to either an intervention group (endurance training + time restricted eating) or a control group.

In the project, we measure the participants blood glucose (sugar) levels, insulin and lipids in the blood, urine sampling, body composition, physical fitness and blood pressure at the beginning of the project and again after eight weeks. During pregnancy, we measure the participants blood glucose levels, insulin and lipids in the blood, as well as blood sugar regulation, urine sampling, body composition and blood pressure, when they are 12 and 28 weeks pregnant. At birth, umbilical cord blood will be collected. In addition, we will obtain relevant information from the child's birth record from the hospital. Within 3 days after birth and 6 weeks after birth, we measure subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness in the new-born using infrared light. At the same time, we also measure the baby`s blood pressure and heart function.

The project is undertaken at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, NTNU and is approved by The Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics. Collaborating partners include professor and senior consultant Kjell Å. Salvesen, investigator and senior consultant Siri Ann Nyrnes and Professor Ann-Charlotte Iversen.

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This project is funded by:

European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Helse Midt-Norge (Samarbeidsorganet)